The perfect choice for dog owners who value a balanced, tasty and healthy diet for their adult dogs aged 1-6 years. With a careful selection of fresh meat and vegetables from the countryside, this exceptional recipe ensures a varied and delicious taste experience for your furry friend.

GranCarno Adult Country Chicken, Venison + Parsnip is designed to provide your adult dog with all the essential nutrients they need to thrive. It combines the benefits of specially selected, high-quality meat and nutrient-dense vegetables into a well-rounded meal that supports your dog's overall well-being.

This high-quality formula ensures that your dog stays happy, healthy and full of energy. Whether you have a playful or a very active dog, GranCarno Adult Country Chicken, Venison + Parsnip is the ideal choice to meet his nutritional needs.

Give your dog the best with GranCarno - the brand that stands for quality, variety and exceptional taste.


Data sheet

Feed type
Wet Food

54 % chicken (meat, liver, heart, gizzard), 8 % game, 5 % parsnip, minerals.

Weight of the dog g per day

2 kg                         160 g

7 kg                          400 g

20 kg                  900 g

35 kg                  1350 g