Animonda vom Feinsten Adult dog food in practical portioned trays made with carefully selected, high quality varieties of meat. The recipe is rounded off nicely with delicious pasta or potatoes and makes the tasty menus into a balanced, complete meal. The high meat content provides your dog with exactly what it needs: high quality animal proteins that are easy to process and digest. No artificial colourants or preservatives are used in the production of Animonda vom Feinsten Adult dog food.

Animonda vom Feinsten Adult at a glance:

    • Complete feed for adult dogs
    • Even suitable for fussy dogs
    • High meat content: provides high quality animal proteins and highly digestible
    • Tasty pasta or potatoes
    • Balanced and holistic
    • No artificial additives or preservatives



Data sheet

Feed type
Wet Food

63 % meat and animal derivatives (25 % turkey, beef, chicken, 8 % lamb, pork), minerals.

Contains drinking water. Drinking water is not a feed material and can therefore not be listed in the declaration.

Minerals are essential inorganic nutrients. A distinction is made between bulk and trace elements. Bulk elements occur in quantities of over 50 mg/kg body weight; trace elements are below this level.

Analytical constituents
Protein 10,5 %, fat content 4,5 %, crude fiber 0,4 %, crude ash 2,5 %, moisture 81 %.