Delicate, finely chunky, exquisite! Demanding cats appreciate the excellent taste of Vom Feinsten Adult Pate with Poultry + Noodles. This delicate gourmet specialty pampers with delicious noodles, selected meat ingredients and does not contain soy or sugar.

The high-quality cat food brand offers the house cat delicious moments of pleasure with a varied range in many flavors. Vom Feinsten Adult Pate with Poultry + Noodles is specially tailored to the nutritional needs of adult cats aged 1-6 years and therefore provides them with all vital nutrients.


Data sheet

Feed type
Wet Food

60% meat and animal by-products (25% poultry, beef, pork), bakery products (1% pasta), minerals.

weight of the cat g per day

3kg                         200 g

4kg                         245g

5kg                         280g