Vom Feinsten Adult Tasty choice with filet stands for well-balanced, delicious healthy nutrition at its best for adult cats from 1 - 6 years. The quality of the meaty raw ingredients in the tender chunks combined with delicious sauce and the finest filet pieces guarantees a unique delight. The fine gourmet ragouts provide the adult cat with all the essential nutrients it needs.


Data sheet

Feed type
Wet Food

52 % meat and animal derivatives (poultry, 8 % chicken filet, 8 % veal, pork), derivatives of vegetable origin, minerals.

Contains drinking water. Drinking water is not a feed material and can therefore not be listed in the declaration.

Minerals are essential inorganic nutrients. A distinction is made between bulk and trace elements. Bulk elements occur in quantities of over 50 mg/kg body weight; trace elements are below this level.

Weight of the cat      g per day

3 kg 180                         240 g

4 kg 220                         295 g

5 kg 255                         340 g